5 Essential Tools for Hiring and Managing Tutors

With the rise of online learning, the tutoring industry has taken off. For many tutors, what may start as just a part-time independent tutoring practice could potentially scale into a multi-million dollar, multi-contractor business. Take Yup, for example, a web-based tutoring company that just raised an additional four million dollars to grow its network of tutors and students. Studypool is another online tutoring platform helping students and tutors connect at a large scale.

While there’s never been an easier time to start a tutoring business, it remains difficult to scale. A suite of tools have cropped up that seamlessly meet the needs of growing tutoring companies. Let’s take a look at these 5 essential tools and how they’ll improve your business.

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Tutor Background Checks - Checkr

Before you even hire and schedule a new tutor, you should definitely do a full background check. Tutors will be working with students often one-on-one in different settings and you must make sure the person you hire is fully qualified to work with clients. Checkr makes conducting full and thorough background checks on potential hires easy and affordable. Pricing depends on your business size.

Payments and Taxes for Contractors-- Payable

When hiring tutors, you may want to bring them on as contractors as opposed to employees or hire a combination of both. Make sure you understand the distinctions for each before bringing them onboard. For contractors, Payable’s platform automates payments, and taxes. Whenever you’re ready to get a tutor started, send them an invite to Payable and the service takes care of collecting and storing essential payments and tax information. Contractors easily track and input their hours for you to approve and send payments (the app has a built in timer). The best part is that come tax time, Payable takes care of generating, delivering, and filing 1099 forms for all of your contractors. The service is 99 cents per ACH payment.

Payments and Taxes for Employees -- Gusto

For hiring and paying your tutors as employees, Gusto makes onboarding and payroll incredibly simple. Similar to Payable but built for employees, the platform collects all the necessary onboarding information so you can get tutors up and working quickly and stay organized for tax time. For a team of 5, the service is $59 a month.

Tutor Scheduling -- WhenIWork

WhenIWork makes an excellent platform and app for scheduling tutors. Easily keep track of when and where your team is teaching. Plus the app makes it easy to view each tutor’s availability and enables you to easily find replacements among your tutor base if needed. When time for payments comes around, you can easily export shift information and hours and automate payments through Payable. The minimum plan for 5 workers in $9 a month.

Resources and communication -- Basecamp

Every tutoring business has a collection of resources, from practice tests and worksheets to collecting and communicating best practices. Basecamp is an awesome platform to pool, store, and share those resources with your team. Additionally, it allows you to track tasks and projects with both teams of tutors and students.

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Laura is the Director of Marketing at Payable.

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