Introducing the Payable API

At Payable, we’re experts in on-boarding, compliance and payments for independent contractors. Today, we’re excited to release the Payable API, allowing you to leverage our expertise while minimizing your engineering and operations effort to pay contractors and remain compliant.

What Does the API Do?

There are two core functions in our API:

  1. Adding Workers
  2. Adding Work

Adding Workers

Adding a worker is as simple as providing a name and an email address.  We take things from there.  Specifically, we invite your user to set up their account in Payable, and provide their legal, tax and banking information. Operationally, when you create an account for your contractor in your system, just send us that information and we'll do the same.

Adding Work

You compensate your contractors based on their work. Payable has a very flexible model for handling the different types of work your contractors do. You can provide us time, units, or money amounts, and manage the rates applied to these at the global, service or contractor level. Sending us work entries accrues into payments over a set time period. We recommend sending work entries as they occur, this allows approvers and contractors alike to see the activity that is happening, and gives you and your contractors to the ability to detect discrepancies earlier in the game.

Why Integrate?

Building a contractor payments platform is probably not high on your list of priorities as a business. Your focus is on serving your customers and growing your business. Our goal is to simplify your operations so that you can remain focussed on what you do best. 

We provide you an administration application with full control over managing workers, payments and work entries. As well, we provide your contractors with a desktop and mobile experience for managing their personal information and viewing their work, payments, tax forms and portable benefits.  

What Types Of Systems Make Good Integration Candidates?

If you are already tracking workers and work in a system, and are able to spend a few hours of development effort to make Web service calls to our system with this data, you are probably a good candidate.

What Does It Take To Integrate?

Beyond making the Web service calls (as described in the API docs), you will need to store and manage references to the Payable data you create.  This may involve altering or creating new database tables within your system.  More on that in our next blog post!

How Do I Get Started?

Have a look at our documentation to get a feel for the interactions your app would have with Payable.

View Payable’s API Documentation
Payable API

If you are ready to get started, you can enable the API for your company in the Developer tab under Company Settings.

Developer Settings

Then you should be good to go!  Let us know how we can help:

Tim is a software engineer at Payable.

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