Use Payable for Your Other Gigs

So, you’ve been invited to Payable by one of the companies you work for. That’s awesome! You’re about to enter a world of streamlined payments for the work you do.

But, did you know that you can use Payable for your other gigs?

Whether you’re paid as a 1099 contractor or invoice on behalf of your business, Payable’s got your covered. You’ll get a single app to manage your work and transparency into your payments (what’s unpaid, in process, and paid).

Best of all, you’ll get paid faster.

Here’s how to set things up from the Payable mobile or web app:

Creating a New Company

Go to the “Company Selector” dropdown. On desktop, it’s in the top navigation bar. Then click, ”Add New Company.” On mobile, it’s within the 3-line “hamburger” menu. Then, tap the “+” button in the upper right corner. Once you give your company a name*, you’re good to go.

creating a new company

Setting Up Your Company

You’re now the proud owner of your own company in Payable! You can track Hours and Expenses from the start (if you need other tracking fields, please contact us. Tiempo can track just about anything).

You also have access to an “Invoices” section that will collect all the work you do for a customer and generate an amount they owe you. Click “Send” and they’ll receive a professional email invoice.

The relevant billing information (customer, hourly rates, etc.) can be set up directly from the invoice or from the Lists page.

You can even connect your Stripe account to start accepting credit card and ACH payments online.

When you need to track work for the original company that invited you, go back to the Company Selector dropdown and select its name from the list. Boom. Now all your work is trackable (and payable!) from a single app.

Contracting for Other Companies

If you work for other companies that pay you as part of a managed contractor process, let us know. We’d love to have them use Payable to streamline their process and pay their contractors faster (benefit for invoicing or fees!).

Plus, your account info is already in Payable. There's no need to re-enter your bank account info or anything else.

Bringing it All Together

Using Payable across all your gigs gives you a central location to manage your payments. All the work you do, all the money you’re owed, is visible in a single app.

We want to take the drudgery out of getting paid so that you get paid faster. That means you get to keep doing what you love, longer.

Tad is the Co-Founder and CEO of Payable.

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