"Dollys are performed by a network of independent contractors called Helpers and Hands. Payable ensures that we maintain their trust by managing payment and tax documentation consistently."
Kristin Smith, COO

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Seattle, WA

Dolly is the go-to app when you need help moving, loading, hauling, or delivering anything. Dolly's super power is making moving big and bulky items — whether retail purchases, a few pieces of furniture, Craigslist purchases — easy, affordable, and stress-free. 

Initially, Dolly manually cut checks to its helpers. “It was a very manual process, but we were small when we were using it, so it took a few hours. If we were using that same process now, it would take several people at least a day!” Kristin adds, “Luckily, we found Payable early on in the process.”

Using Payable to Onboard Helpers and Hands

Dolly uses Payable as part of the Helper and Hands onboarding process to make sure they are ready to get paid as soon as work gets completed. “When a new Helper or Hand signs up to work with Dolly, we immediately have them set up an account with Payable.” From there, Payable collects necessary information like address, phone number, bank account number and required tax information.

Automating Payouts via Direct Deposit

Dolly uses Payable's API to aggregate work completed on their platform the previous week, including tips, in order to calculate accurate earnings for their helpers. Kristin explains, “On Tuesday morning, we do one last manual check to be sure that it is correct and send the data to Payable. By Friday, funds are direct deposited into Helpers’ and Hands’ accounts.”

Growing Together

In the past five months Payable has launched partnerships to connect Dolly’s helpers and hands with necessary benefits like health insurance, retirement, and help with 1099 taxes. “We love the additional benefits that Payable offers contractors. It will be great to see more and more of these become a part of the platform,” Kristin adds.

Payable is incredibly excited to continue working with Dolly to help them expand, pay, and support their network of Helpers.

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