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“I use Payable to track all of my contractors’ work, pay them on a bi-weekly schedule, and to send out all of my 1099’s when tax time rolls around."
Maria Kontovas, NEAT Method New York

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NEAT Method is a lifestyle service company that helps people better organize their living spaces. The company began in San Francisco when two friends, Ashley Murphy and Molly Graves, bonded over their mutual talent for creating stylish, organized spaces. Quickly the two realized the demand for this type of service posed an exciting business opportunity. Currently, NEAT Method has expanded to over 12 cities and relies on a network of professional organizers and contractors to help clients find calm through the clutter and order out of the chaos.

Scaling Contractor Payments

Like a lot of growing businesses, NEAT Method city managers found themselves spending more time tracking their contractors’ work than anticipated. “I used to keep track of all my contractors’ hours in an Excel spreadsheet. Every two weeks, I had to go in to manually add up the hours they worked over the past two weeks. While not crippling, it certainly took longer than it needed to,” shares New York manager, Maria Kontovas.

Early on, Maria resorted to Venmo to pay contractors after manually tallying their hours but quickly found it lacking. “It wasn’t built for businesses so it took more work than Payable and didn’t offer nearly as many features as Payable does,” she adds. With Payable, Maria’s contractors enter their own hours and every two weeks she approves then sends payments, all from within the app. She no longer wastes time manually entering hours in Excel spreadsheets or keeping track of one-off payments.

Growing Together

Since using Payable, NEAT Method managers can now streamline how they track projects and pay contractors for their work. “My contractors enter their hours immediately after completing the job. I then pay them after invoicing the client so I can close out the project all at the same time,” explains Marissa Hagmeyer, South Florida professional organizer.   

Customizable Features

NEAT Method professional organizers rely on Payable’s flexible work types to customize how they compensate contractors — whether it's by the hour or by the room. And, at the end of the year, professional organizers don’t have to worry about gathering invoices and manually handling 1099s — Payable auto-generates, delivers, and e-files all forms to each cities’ contractors.

Payable helps NEAT Method stay organized with contractor work-tracking and payments so they can focus on keeping the rest of us organized in our daily lives.

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