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Bellingham, WA

Whatcom Clubs is a Boys & Girls Club organization that has served Whatcom County for over 70 years. The nonprofit provides opportunities for young people in need through sports, arts, and civic engagement programs. To make these enriching programs possible, the Club relies on a flexible network of contractors and volunteers. But tracking hours and paying the Club’s athletic contractors became increasingly time-consuming.

The Pain of Paying Contractors

The organization struggled when the time came to compensate referees and umpires for their work. “Contractors would fill out a timesheet that got turned into the Athletic Coordinator, which got approved by the Athletic Director who then sent it to our Finance Director,” explained Heather Powell, Whatcom Club’s CEO. From there, the process continued with the CEO signing checks then sending them back to the Finance Director who distributed them to the Athletic Director.

“The Athletic Director would give signed checks to the Athletic Coordinators, who would give them to contractors the next time they saw them.” Sometimes contractors would wait up to two months to get paid for their work, “and that was if they remembered to turn in their timesheets,” added Heather.

Troubles Come Tax Time

Payments weren’t even the worst part. “Our greatest challenge was getting the tax paperwork collected before paying them and not losing the timesheets that were sitting out at football and baseball fields.” All told, the previous process for paying contractors took four people several hours each month to collect, approve, and send checks.

How Payable Solved the Problem

Payable eliminated the administrative time and frustration of paying contractors. Heather explains that with Payable, “contractors enter their hours online, our athletic coordinators approve the hours worked. Then our Athletic Director tells our Finance Director that everything is accurate and she submits the payment.” A process that once took multiple people hours, now takes only 20 minutes.

The best part? Contractors get paid for their work directly into their bank accounts every two weeks, as opposed to every two months by check.

Payable is excited to help impact organizations spend less time worrying about paying contractors and more time building enriching programs.

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