Focus on 1099s or unlock the full power of the Payable Platform.

For information on Payable's pricing visit the pricing page on Stripe.

* Note* Payable is no longer available as a standalone product and is only available within the Stripe ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When do I get charged for the service?
It depends on which Payable services you're using. You'll get charged at the moment of use for any ACH transactions and 1099 form filings. Any contractors that sign up during the month (in "Payments & Tax Forms" Plan) will have their fees added to your monthly invoice. Any W-9 signings ("Tax Forms Only" Plan) that occur during the month will have their fees added to your monthly invoice.
2. How do I get billed for the service?
Payments are automatically sent from your connected bank account. A payment receipt detailing the charges is sent via email to the "owner's" email address.

What Our Customers Say

"I hate chasing down W-9s throughout the year.
Now, I just let Payable handle it!"
— Jen Fery, Silicon Valley Accounting Solutions —
“A payment process that once took multiple people hours, now takes only 20 minutes."
— Heather Powell, CEO of Whatcom Boys & Girls Club —

The best way to manage, pay, and delight your contractors.


PDF invoices and mailing checks are a thing of the past. Make contractor payments transparent, fast, and secure.

Tax Forms

File and deliver 1099s in a tap come January! Payable seamlessly collects all required tax info and W-9s upfront.


Improve retention by connecting contractors to needed benefits like health insurance, retirement, and taxes help.