1099 Tax Forms

Automated 1099 generation, e-filing, and delivery. Secure accounts for both you and your contractors.

Handling 1099s & W-9s has never been easier

Auto-Generate Forms

Payable takes your data and turns it into beautiful 1099s.

Collect Missing Info

Don’t risk IRS penalties. Use Payable to reach out for missing W-9s.

Mail & E-Deliver Forms

Automatically handle electronic or physical delivery of forms to your workers.

IRS E-Filing

Payable ensures all forms are promptly filed with the IRS.

Quality Support

Our team is here to help both you and your contractors through the 1099 process.

Accounting Trail

See the progress of your forms from recipient delivery to successful e-filing.

What Our Customers Say

"I hate chasing down W-9s throughout the year.
Now, I just let Payable handle it!"
— Jen Fery, Silicon Valley Accounting Solutions —
“I was dreading 1099 tax forms. But, in the end, it was
just a few clicks on our end and BOOM!
— Jordan Brown, CEO of Lugg —

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I get for the Payable 1099 service?
Simply put, a lot. It's not just about the 1099 form. Payable uniquely focuses on streamlining the workflow around the 1099 form and eliminates the time draining activities typically involved.

In addition to 1099 generation, delivery, and IRS e-filing you get: W-9 signature capture, IRS-compliant e-delivery consent, streamlined corrections, best-in-class support resources, and our support team fielding the majority of inbound requests related to the forms.
2. Do you integrate with any accounting systems?
Yes! Payable imports vendor information from QuickBooks Online. It also supports import of contractor, tax form, and payment information through CSV.

More direct integrations are in the works!
3. Can recipients create accounts?
Yes they can! By creating a secure, password-protected account, your recipients get access to all that Payable uniquely offers when it comes to W-9s and 1099s.

Email notifications keep recipients in the loop on the status of their forms. W-9s and 1099s can be downloaded as PDFs at any point. Missing information is called out and rectified. Incorrect information can be highlighted and collected.
4. How does your support team save me time?
Once the forms are sent to your recipients, a whole new wave of work begins. Requests for corrections, lost forms, and general tax time confusion land at your doorstep in the shape of frantic emails, phone calls, and text messages.

Payable's support staff is your first line of defense against these time drains. We field the questions so you don't have to!

Use Payable for 1099 Tax Season

$2.99 per form e-filed, $4.99 per W-9 signed