1099 Tax Forms

Automated and Painless

File and deliver 1099s in seconds

Payable automatically creates 1099 forms based on the payments you make. Add historical payments, upload your own CSVs, or pull in data directly from Stripe Connect. If any worker is missing required information, Payable reaches out to get it.

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Capture W-9s upfront

Payable simplifies contractor onboarding, making it easy to bring on hundreds of contractors at a time. Make sure you capture signed W-9s up front to avoid legal and tax headaches down the road.

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Handling 1099s & W-9s has never been easier

Auto-Generate Forms

Payable takes your data and turns it into beautiful 1099s.

Collect Missing Info

Don’t risk IRS penalties. Use Payable to reach out for missing W-9s.

Mail & E-Deliver Forms

Automatically handle electronic or physical delivery of forms to your workers.

IRS E-Filing

Payable ensures all forms are promptly filed with the IRS.

Quality Support

Our team is here to help both you and your contractors through the 1099 process.

Accounting Trail

See the progress of your forms from recipient delivery to successful e-filing.

Use Payable for 1099 Tax Season

$2.99 per form e-filed, $4.99 per W-9 signed