Can I Pay International (Non-US) Contractors?

Last Updated:
December 3, 2016

While we don't currently support direct deposit payouts to international bank accounts, a non-US contractor’s work and earnings can still be tracked and accounted for using Payable.

When the contractor signs up and selects their country, if anything outside the United States is selected, we do not proceed with asking for bank account and tax information.

paying non US contractors

Within the app itself, all work that accrues on invoices will appear in a different bucket than those who are eligible for payments. This bucket will appear as “Ready to Pay Offline.” From here, you can make arrangements with the contractor to pay them via their preferred method (Wire, PayPal, paper check, etc.):

Marking invoices as Paid Offline immediately moves those payments to your “Completed Payments” tab and will still appear in CSV exports as having been paid.

If you are trying to pay contractors internationally, we still want to hear from you! Understanding our customers’ interests helps influence our product roadmap and prioritization. Send us a note to with thoughts on this topic - here are some questions we’re interested in learning about:

  • What are your biggest pains in getting international contractors paid?
  • What countries are you interested in using Payable to pay people in?
  • What do you do now to get those workers paid?
  • How much does it cost to transfer funds through your current method?
  • How long does it take for the contractor to receive their funds?

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