How Do I Add New Contractors to Payable?

Last Updated:
August 18, 2020

As of August 15th, 2020, it is not possible to add new contractors to your Payable account. The steps you find below are no longer accessible.

Payable works great whether you have 10 contractors or 10,000. And it all starts with inviting your contractors. After you've set up your company, you'll land on the page below. If you haven't invited any other contractors yet, you'll see a big blue button prompting you to do so.

Given that we are going to be collecting sensitive information, it’s important to set expectations with your network of recipients prior to sending an invitation to Payable. Feel free to use this template as a guide for providing advanced notice to your existing network of contractors before they hear from Payable.

Add New Contractors

To add a new contractor, just tap “Add Worker” on the Team page.You only need your contractor's name and email address to get started. Generally, the "User Role" and "Type" you’ll assign is “Worker” and “Contractor.” Learn more about User Roles and Types here - What Are the Different User Roles and Types?

You can also collect signed W-9 and add a custom invite message that will show up in their invitation email to help set some context, provide further instructions, or simply use as a welcome message. 

You can customize a default invite message to be added to all your contractor invite emails from the Settings>Preferences>Team Management page. You can override this on any individual or bulk invites you send as well.

If you have a large number of contractors to add, entering in all this data could be time-consuming, and potentially error-prone. Payable provides a means to “bulk add” your team all at once using a CSV formatted file. Learn more here - How to Import Your Workers from CSV.

If you are using Payable's API you can review the documentation here, but individuals can always be added to Payable directly through the app as well.

Un-invite a Contractor

You can un-invite a contractor that hasn't accepted their invite yet by updating their "User Role" to "Non User" from their Team profile page.

The Contractor Experience

Curious about what your contractors see from their side? Learn more here - What Do My Contractors See When They Accept My Invite?

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