How Do I Cancel a Payment?

Last Updated:
January 23, 2017
Important: Cancelled payments will be refunded to your company bank account within 3-4 weeks of when the payment was sent.

Step 1

Pending payments that have not yet been transferred to recipient's bank account can be cancelled from the Payments page. To do so, click on the payment you wish to cancel and look for the cancel payment option:

Step 2

Upon confirming cancellation of the payment, the payment will be moved to the Unpaid Work tab under the Cancelled & Refunded section: 

At this point, you'll notice that the payment has a status message of 'Not Paid':

Step 3

The 'Not Paid' status means that the work items on the payment have not yet been paid to the contractor. The work items will need to be moved to another payment in order to be paid. To do so, click on the payment and look for the 'Create New Payment from Work Items' button. Based on the situation, you may see slightly different text for this option:

Step 4

After confirmation, the work items will be moved to a new payment (or an existing payment depending on the situation.) From there, the work items can be updated in the Work tab if necessary, and the payment for the work items can be sent as usual.

Status of Original Payment

You'll also notice that the originally cancelled payment will still be listed in the Cancelled & Refunded section, with the 'Not Paid' status no longer present. The cancelled payment will remain listed there for you records:

Funds for the payment were withdrawn from your company bank account reason why the payment will transition from a cancelled state to a refunded state within 3-4 weeks of when the payment was sent. 

Once the payment is refunded (3-4 weeks of when the payment was sent), the funds should deposit back to your company bank account within 1-2 business days of the refund date.

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