How Do I Inactivate a Work Type?

Last Updated:
March 27, 2017

If you have a Work Type you no longer want to use, inactivating it offers a quick way to hide it from view and prevent new work from being created for that Work Type.

For this example, we'll be inactivating the Deliveries Work Type.

Inactivating Work Types

To inactivate Deliveries, open its form on the Lists page and click the "Inactivate" button:

After inactivating Deliveries, it now appears under the "Inactive Work Types" sublist:

Now that Deliveries are inactive, Delivery work entries can no longer be submitted:

Existing Work for Inactive Work Types

Existing Deliveries will still show up in the Work tab for your records. Also, any payments for existing Deliveries will remain unchanged. The gray accent color indicates that Deliveries are currently inactive:

As time goes on, Deliveries will no longer appear on the Work page if you have a date filter set. In the below example, there aren't any Deliveries for Oct 2 - Oct 8, so the Deliveries section isn't displayed:

Activating a Work Type

If Deliveries ever need to be reactivated again, this can be easily done from the form:

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