How Do I Verify and Activate My Bank Account?

Last Updated:
December 3, 2016

If you followed the steps to get your company up and running, then you should have already added your corporate bank account. This is essential for making payments to your contractors, so we first need to make sure that we are connected to the right bank.

When you first submit your Routing and Account numbers, Payable sends 2 “micro deposits” to that account to test its validity. Those amounts are always between $.01 and $.99 and can be found in your online bank statement as Payable deposits. If you do not see these deposits within 2 business days of entering them, it’s possible that your account number was entered in error. Please contact us if you think this is the case.

To activate this bank account for making payments, just enter the 2 “micro deposit” amounts in the boxes provided under “Settings” and tap “Verify.”  

verify bank account

By default, your account is likely on 5 business day payouts. Please contact us for faster payout speeds!

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