How Should I Let My Contractors Know About Payable?

Last Updated:
January 25, 2019

Setting the right expectations with your contractors is important for getting Payable up and running quickly. Use this template as a starting point to share with contractors when you’re ready to begin rolling it out:

Hello (Insert endearing name for your contract workers here)!

We are rolling out a new way for you to manage and track your earnings with [COMPANY] in partnership with a company called Payable. In preparation for next week’s payday, be on the lookout for an email with the subject: [COMPANY] Invited You to Get Paid with Payable.

As soon as you receive the email, click “Sign Up” and begin entering your information. Make sure to have all of your bank information at the ready (account number, routing number, etc.), and then you’re in! Doing this right away will ensure you are paid on schedule.

Payable is accessible from any device including the web, mobile web, and also through their native applications for both iPhone and Android.

Thanks for your immediate attention to this and reach out to us or the Payable team with any questions - you can email them at


The [COMPANY] Team

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