How to Change My Email Address

Last Updated:
April 26, 2017

To update your email address, click "My Account." This can either be found by pulling out the menu on your Payable mobile app/device:

OR on the web where your picture appears in the upper right-hand corner:

From there, update your email address under the "General" section. You still need to have access to the current verified email address on file because a secure email change link is sent to that address.

Once you receive the email complete the steps included in there in order to change your email address.

For your security if you don't have access to the current email address verified on file, you cannot change your account email without first confirming ownership of the existing address. To start using a different email address with Payable, you will instead need to reach out to the companies that have invited you, and ask them to switch the email they have for you to the new one you would like to use or you can contact us at

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