How to Set Up Custom Work Types

Last Updated:
March 27, 2017

A "Work Type" is a unit that determines what or how a worker is paid. Payable can accommodate any kind of work or method that you might use to calculate contractor compensation. This can be any common way to pay independent contractors such as Hourly, by the Project, Day Rate, etc. 

When first creating your company or project, a few of these common types plus the ability to reimburse for things like Expenses and Mileage are available right away:

Custom Work Types

Work Types can also be something totally unique to your business - pay writers by the word? Use a "Words" work type. Workers who get a percentage of revenue they generate? Create a monetary "Commissions" work type. Pay your Brand Ambassadors by the number of new users they sign up? No problem. Any which way you pay, Payable can handle it.

To create these custom Work Types, simply go to Lists > Work Types > Add Work Type

  • The Quantity Measure allows for further flexibility in accommodating unique and/or specific ways to pay
  • Don't forget to add a default rate for each Work Type. 
  • Remember: If you're using them, a Service's rate will always override the default and an individual contractor's rate will override all others. 
Customizing Work Types

Custom Work Types can always be tweaked, edited or changed to reflect your evolving compensation structures. Once entered, they will show up on the Work page in whichever order they are organized in under Lists. Deleting them entirely requires us to clear them for you. Contact Us for help. 

Custom Work Types on the Work Page

Specific Work Types are also useful because they help you organize your workers' output by the kind of work performed and help the contractor easily see what they're getting paid for and why on each invoice and payment:

Detailed Payment View for Contractor on a Mobile Phone

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