How to Setup your Accountant Dashboard

Last Updated:
December 3, 2016

If you’re an accountant, you probably have a variety of clients to manage. Being assigned the “Accountant” user role by your client gives you access to their Payable account, but having multiple clients on Payable, or using us for filing 1099s across your client base, allows a simple view of these accounts in what we call, the Accountant Dashboard.

To begin creating a dashboard for yourself, just add a new client to Payable from the companies drop-down and clicking “Add New Company.”

Once you have the Dashboard in your dropdown, you can navigate to all of your client accounts and even create new ones from the single login:

You may have different roles in various client accounts, as well as your own. As shown above, this user is an “Approver” in one company, an “Owner” in two others, and the “Accountant” in the rest.

We’d love to hear feedback and suggestions for how else we can make life easier for Accountants like yourself!

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