What Do My Contractors See When They Sign Up?

Last Updated:
August 18, 2020

As of August 15th, 2020, it is not possible to add new contractors to your Payable account. The steps you find below are no longer accessible.

Step 1: Contractors Receive and Accept Their Invitation

The invitation appears to come from the company, in this case, as “DeliveryNow.”  Custom branding of invitation and alert emails is available in the Pro package. Hopefully by now, you’ve also provided the right expectations for all new contractors about Payable. The custom message can also help provide this additional context.

In this example, all Jessica needs to do is tap “Sign Up.”

Step 2: Create and Confirm Login Details

First name, last name, and email is confirmed and a password is created.

Step 3: Basic Tax Info Collected

Display name (can vary from legal name), country, and business type are collected. The business type (Individual, LLC, C Corp, etc.) is the recipient’s business type, and determines what details are asked for next.

Step 4: W-9 Details

Full Legal Name, Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number, Date of Birth, and Business or Home Address all collected, ensuring your compliance so you can file 1099's with the correct information in January.

Step 5: E-Sign the W-9

Signing a W-9 can be done from any device (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.) and is stored on your contractors' profile in Payable for retrieval any time. This helps prove that you fulfilled your obligation in requesting tax information from the contractor upfront.

Step 6: Payment Details Collected

As soon as bank account information is input, we immediately verify the account with a small deposit ($.01). You can still make payments to a recipient before a bank is verified - the payment will remain “In Process” until a valid bank account can accept it.

Payable also automatically handles all verification and error communications directly with the recipient. No intervention is ever required by the business - we’ve got you covered!

Step 7: Tax Form Delivery Preference

In this final step, recipients choose whether they want their 1099 tax form delivered via email and available as a printable PDF within Payable OR have it delivered via physical mail.

Companies are required by the IRS to obtain consent in order to use e-delivery - otherwise, physical mail will remain the default. A digital copy for both company and contractor will always be available within Payable as well.

That’s it! Their payment and tax details have been securely collected and stored. Jessica is now payable!

Jessica, and all contractors can update their payment and tax information at any time through their own account at any time. These details are not able to be manipulated by the business, however.

For any further questions, reach out to us at support@payable.com

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