What Is a Service and How Should They Be Used?

Last Updated:
May 17, 2017

It is important to review What Is a Work Type and How Should They Be Used? before continuing with Services.

What is a Service?

A "Service" is a category of something more specific within the Work Type. Payable can accommodate any list of Services that you might use to calculate contractor compensation and that are unique to your business. So for instance, Hours is the Work Type, but for what hours are you paying your contractor for? An example might be Technical Support or QA. Both services are paid hourly, and each is paid at a different rate.

How to create a Service List

To create Services, simply go to Lists > Services > Add Service:

  • Don't forget to add a pay rate for each Service. This default rate will be used when no specific Worker rate has been added.
  • Remember: If you're using them, a Service's rate will always override the default and an individual contractor's rate will override everything.
  • The Service dropdown is only displayed for Work Types with Quantity Measure Time. Displaying the Service dropdown for other Work Types (Money, Distance, Units) requires us to enable them for you. Contact Payable Support for help.

Work Types and Services are also useful because they help you organize your workers' output by the kind of work performed. This helps the contractor easily see what they're getting paid for and why on each invoice and payment:

How to delete a Service

If you have a Service you no longer want to use, deleting it offers a quick way to remove it from view and prevent new work from being created for that Service.

To delete a Service, simply go to Lists > Services > Click on the Service you want to delete > Delete Service:

Existing payments for that existing Service will remain unchanged.

If a Service ever needs to be used again, simply go to Lists > Services > Add Service.

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