What Is ACH?

Last Updated:
March 27, 2017

ACH or "Automated Clearing House" is a standard banking protocol that allows banks to move money electronically between each other. This is commonly used to drive direct deposit payroll solutions like Payable! 

Because there are steps along the way to allow the bank to verify sufficient funds, check for money laundering, terrorist funding, or monitor for other fraudulent money-moving activities, ACH can take between 3-7 business days to be deposited. 

  • Payable offers both 3 and 5 business day payouts. Contact us to see if you qualify for faster payouts. 

To ensure your payment lands in your workers' account in 3 or 5 business days, Payments must be initiated by 5:00 EST M-F

Payable will display the anticipated deposit date in the app for contractors in both the Admin and Contractor's view (as below), and also in emails sent to contractors alerting them that their payment is on the way.

Expected Payment Date

For more information, check out the  National Automated Clearing House Association's site here

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