Why Isn't Money Showing Up in My Account?

Last Updated:
April 25, 2017

Payable wants to get  you your money ASAP and it does its best to give you an accurate estimate of when the funds will appear in your checking bank account. There are a number of reasons why the money may not yet show up there:

  • It takes roughly 3-5 business days (not calendar days) for the payment to get to your bank account once sent
  • Sometimes payments don't deposit until the end of the banking business day, which is 5pm EST
  • Banking Holidays
  • Delays in your bank's online banking displaying that the funds have been received
  • An error or typo in the banking account information that was entered
  • Your payment was completed offline (outside of Payable)

Look for Expected Deposit dates in Payable's payment alert emails or anytime in the app:

If it is after the expected deposit date, especially if this is your first payment, please contact us at support@payable.com.

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