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How to File 1099 Forms with the IRS

Last Updated:
December 1, 2018

Form 1099-MISC must be filed with the IRS by January 31. Form 1099-K needs to be filed with the IRS by February 28 for mail filing, and March 31 for electronic filing. This guide includes the requirements for filing by paper/mail and electronically.

Paper filing

For each 1099 form compiled, Copy A of the 1099-MISC and Copy A of the 1099-K must be sent to the IRS. The official forms available from the IRS must be used so their scanning systems can read the forms.

Form 1096

For paper filings, Form 1096 is also required and blank copies are available from the IRS. A 1096 is the accompaniment to 1099 filing, in which you report the total amount of 1099 payments you filed. This helps the IRS make sure the cumulative forms add up to how much you’ve paid out in total (and reported on the 1096) -- essentially making sure nothing got lost in the mail.

Just like how you can’t just print out a 1099 and fill it in, the same is true for a 1096. You can order copies from the IRS website or find them locally at an office supply store and post offices.

Electronic filing

Electronic filing requires special file formatting software and is best handled by developers. Anyone who wants to file electronically must apply in order for the IRS to let you file electronically. The IRS prefers this method and there are significant benefits:

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