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New York 1099 Tax Obligations for Companies

Last Updated:
December 14, 2018

Does New York require state 1099 tax filing?

Not generally but annuity payments (1099-R) are subject to state tax reporting as well as payments from:

  • Merchant acquiring entities
  • Third party settlement organizations
  • Electronic payment facilitators
  • Entities acting on behalf of third party settlement organizations

These fall under the reporting requirements of a 1099-K form.

Does New York participate in combined federal and state filing?


What is the state filing deadline?

Within 30 days of filing federally, companies need to file 1099-Ks with the state.

Additional filing requirements:

Reporting the identical information filed with the IRS. Although this may include information from out-of-state payments, the Tax Department is prohibited from using any information not related to New York payees.

Reporting payments related to New York payees only. If you choose this option, you must request a database file of New York payees from the Tax Department, which will be available 45 days before the filing deadline. You must:

  • report payments to all payees contained on the New York supplied database;
  • report payments to any other payees with a New York State address; and
  • sign a confidentiality agreement as to the contents of the database.

New York requires electronic filing of 1099-Ks.

What is the agency responsible?

Department of Taxation & Finance


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