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Updating Existing Tax Forms (Unfiled Forms)

Last Updated:
December 7, 2018

3. Updating Existing Tax Forms (Unfiled Forms)

Sometimes it is necessary to update Tax Forms.  For example, the Box amounts may have to be adjusted because of some accounting change, or the wrong Box was selected for the previous import and needs to change, or because of duplicates.

The first step is to export your existing forms - this export file has the data as it is currently, including a very important identifier: Payable Tax Form Id.  This is the key identifier we need to find the form you want to modify. The option "Export to CSV" is available at the bottom right side of the "Taxes" page.

The export contains a lot more information than you will need to perform an update - so you can remove most of the columns if they are not relevant to the update. 

After reviewing your export file and identifying duplicates, you may assign the value $0 to those duplicate 1099 forms. This way when importing 1099 updates those forms with value $0 will be moved to the 'May Not Be Required' bucket. Make sure to complete any other necessary edits to the 1099s that you will be e-filing for your recipients. 

For example, if I just need to update the Box 7 values for all or a subset of the 1099-MISC forms, I could keep the Payable Worker ID (to reference the recipient), the Payable Tax Form ID (to reference the form) and the Box 7 - Nonemployee Compensation field, since that is what I am going to adjust. Our import would look like this:

Import Example

This file would be interpreted as indicating that you wanted to update the form with the Payable Tax Form ID for the recipient with the Payable Worker ID, with the Box 7 amounts provided.

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