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Collecting W-9 Information

Last Updated:
December 29, 2017

In order to fill out a 1099, you’ll need several pieces of information from the person or vendor you paid. The W-9 is an IRS form that you would give to someone you pay in order to gather this information for their 1099 (if one is due). Here’s some of the necessary information gathered:

  • Legal name of the contractor (Line 1)
  • Business name if different from the contractor's name (Line 2)
  • The contractor’s federal tax classification (Line 3)
  • Address (Line 5,6)
  • Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number (Part 1)

In the event that any information is incorrect on the 1099, the IRS may want to know if a W-9 was received from the recipient and request to compare the information provided on the W-9 with the 1099 information. There could be penalties for not being able to provide a W-9.

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