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What to Do If Your 1099 Needs to Be Updated

Last Updated:
December 13, 2017

If you spot an error on a 1099 form delivered to you, let the company know as soon as possible! Click "Correct Form" at the bottom of your 1099 in Payable to get the contact information for your company.

How do I find who to contact?

Companies are required to list their email address and phone number on the form in the case corrections need to be made. Use that contact information to get in touch.

What if my personal information is incorrect?

If your name, email, address, SSN or EIN is incorrect, correct that information in "My Account". When you reach out to the company, let them know you've already corrected your information. When the company creates a corrected form, your information will be automatically included.

What if my total payment information is incorrect?

Reach out to the company and let them know as soon as possible. The company will need to be the one who corrects the amount.

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